Welcome to the 2014 Lake Atwood Ten Mile

(Since 1972 - the Oldest Road Race in Kansas)


2014 Race Results

When: The 43rd Annual Lake Atwood Ten Mile will be held on Sunday July 20, 2014 beginning at 7:00 a.m. CDT

Course: The race is eight laps (plus 627 feet) around scenic Lake Atwood on a USATF certified (#KS11001DCR) hard surface course. View maps and certifications RaceMeasure You get your splits and a chance at water every lap. There are always other runners nearby (not all necessarily on the same lap as you).

Team Competition: Beginning in 2005 Team Competition was reduced from five runners to three runners.  Each team may have as many as five runners, but only the three best times will be averaged.  Men Teams averaging 60:00 and Women Teams averaging 70:00 qualify from cash place awards.  Men Teams averaging 55:00 and Women Teams averaging 65:00 qualify for a $300 bonus.

Recognition: A Lake Atwood Ten Mile Finisher Towel will be awarded to every finisher.  A color picture will be taken of the 2013 HONOR RUNNERS and an 8" X 10" Framed picture will be mailed to each of the photographed runners.

Cash Awards:  $3,800 in individual, team and bonus awards were paid to the talented field participating in the 2006 race. Andrew Letherby broke Jon Sinclair's 15 year old course record of 48:51 by posting a sensational 48:36, the fastest ten mile time ever run in the State of Kansas. Both the Loveland and the Fort Collins team posted sub 55:00  average times qualifying for the $300 bonus. Age Division records were set by Andrew Lethery, Brad Pace and Noel Pace. Brian Dumm set a record for the State of Virginia and Emily Renner set a record for the State of South Dakota.

We hope to see you bright and early in Atwood!
Date: July 20, 2014
Time: 7:00 A.M.

Location: Atwood, Kansas

2008 Pictures

2006 Lake Atwood Ten Mile Honor Runners

Men:  Myron Leinwetter, Gannon White, Brian Dumm, Brad Pace, Steve Scoville, Andrew Leatherby, Marvin Metzer, Paul DiGrappa, Don McCandless, Austin Vigil, Bob McAnany and Noel Pace.  Women: Kim Jones, Maria Korb, Amy Hayes and Margaret Kritzer

Honor Runner:  The general standard adopted for Honor Runner status in the Men's division is a top 20% finish time in a Age Group for all races from 1972 through 2009. The exceptions to this general standard are: a) those runners in the 20-29 age group must be a top 10% finisher of all men runners in all races from 1972 through 2006; b) those in the 70 and older age groups must finish; and c) all runners completing 25 or more races qualify regardless of time.  Honor Runner status for women is 86.7% of the men's times. A percentage of the men's times is used for the women because we have had 2,892 men finishers and only 420 women finishers and thus a much larger experience base.  86.7% is used because this is the ratio between the women's top 10% times vs. the men's top 10% times.